Mary Brooks, M.Ed., Certified Health Coach

Mary Brooks, M.Ed., Certified Health Coach

Most health and wellness programs begin with a product or a packaged existing plan.  I work with one person at a time to figure out the solution that works for them.  No two people need exactly the same thing.  I specialize in metabolism breakthrough's, low-thyroid, digestive issues, helping athletes get better performance and breaking the diet cycle.


You know lots of good information, have bought the books, stopped eating fast food two years ago, but something isn’t getting you launched and keeping you successful.

That’s where I come in.

If you want to work with a professional who can get you back in the zone with a doable, non-product based, whole foods eating approach, I have this all figured out.

I can put a stop to you searching the internet, buying another program that gathers dust and asking the guy at the gym what he eats.

Whether it’s a

~14 Day Fat Burner Program

~ A Digestive Wellness Package

~Whole Foods, Family-Friendly Lifestyle Package

~ A Detox/Elimination Diet

~Energy Makeover Program

I have the solutions, the research, the tools and the guidance to get this done with you.  No more standing in the store aisles feeling overwhelmed.  No more headaches at 9:30.  No more starting the day with a skimpy shake and eating a whole large pizza for dinner.

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Years of Experience has taught me this about health especially when it comes to food:

 One size does not fit all!

I am Mary Brooks.  I have a Master's Degree in Health Education and a Certification as a Health Coach. I started my interest in food and health when I was tiny.  I know my way around a kitchen and a grocery store like nobody’s business.  I worked in the health and wellness industry for twenty-six years.  

I create transformations and breakthroughs using whole foods.

You came here looking for something different right?
Maybe you are tired of counting points. Perhaps you don’t want to swallow another packaged shake.
Or is it that you can’t stand the thought of another diet?
But I talk people heart to heart in my office each week, So I know a few things.
You also don’t feel confident about the state of your health.
You want to fit into a favorite pair of jeans.
You want to have energy for all the things that you really care about.
You don’t feel awesome but the only thing you got at the doctor’s was an offer for a prescription. You believe in healthy eating but you don’t even know what that means anymore.
And you are tired of the conversation in your head about all of this.

~The rules of the food game have changed.
~It is not as simple as calories in and calories out.
~The ways to weight loss or feeling good that worked in your 20’s and 30’s don’t work anymore.
~It’s not just a weight crisis but a health crisis that scares you.
~Pharmacological solutions aren’t the best ones.
~Getting to the root and fixing the true cause is the best solution.
~You can have great energy, great health and solve almost every health issue with the right tools.
~While you are really smart, you still need a guide and a friend to hold your hand and have your back until it all comes together.
~You are going to get so much more from me than a smaller pants size. You are going to go to a level that you didn’t think was possible.
~I can help you ditch the diet and the stress monster that is getting in the way.
I do it every single day. And it works.
— Mary Brooks

Mary  is a speaker, group program leader and private coach.  She has worked for the healthcare, health insurance and hospital industries.  She has studied under some of the most highly respected health, wellness and functional medicine specialists in the nation.  She spends hundreds of hours on continuing education in health, nutrition and emotional wellness.   She is based in Charlotte NC and coaches people all over the US.


Here’s what we will be doing together

~Mapping out a plan that based on your goals and your health story.

~Presenting you with research that supports our direction and approach from some of the best functional medicine doctors in the nation.

~Tapping  into your mindset and your personal story.  Thinking is everything

~Diving into gut health, digestion.

~Improving the function of the metabolism power houses of the body:  thyroid and hormones.

~Removing the toxins that make us feel tired, irritable, bloated and foggy

~Setting up rituals and routines.

~Getting you fired up and flying faster so that you are more fired up about your life than your dinner

~Clearing out the clutter of the old, destructive, self-limiting beliefs once and for all.

~Reducing destructive cortisol which is keeping you up at night, making your thoughts fuzzy and causing you to age rapidly.

~Helping you know what to buy, what not to buy and who has the best deal on it.  

~Loading  you up with handouts, recipes and tools to make this easy.

~Making sure you are looking at all aspects of your health in an integrative, supportive, collaborative way.

~Help you with labs and doctors’ visits if you need that.

~Empowering you to do this without powders, pills or gimmicks.